Open GIS Consortium Inc. (OGC) members have implemented a new, automated compliance testing process to validate compliance for software products that implement OpenGIS Specifications. Since last fall's launch of the Compliance and Interoperability Test and Evaluation (CITE) project, dozens of organizations have used this process, resulting in ten products earning the use of the "Certified OGC Compliant" mark. OGC compliance certification is an important milestone for software providers, as it assures users that products properly implement OpenGIS Specifications.

The OGC compliance website provides automated tests for Web Map Service 1.1.1 (WMS) and Web Feature Service 1.0 (WFS), and a Geography Markup Language (GML) validation tool with links to reference implementations. Developers that successfully test for specification compliance can apply for formal OGC certification. Once granted, developers can affix the "Certified OGC Compliant" seal on their products and marketing materials.

Compliance testing determines the ability of a product to properly support all mandatory elements of an OpenGIS Implementation specification. Only products that have successfully passed a test, and fulfilled administrative requirements for certification can include "Certified OGC Compliant" mark. Products that have not gone through this procedure, but include support for a specification, are said to have "implemented the specification," and cannot claim compliance.

Source: OGC, Feb. 20, 2004