Cyra Technologies Inc. announced a new, true color overlay capability as part of SmartScan Technology for its flagship Cyrax 2500 3D Laser Scanner. The Cyrax 2500 is the world’s most popular 3D Laser Scanner for engineering, surveying, construction and related applications. SmartScan Technology is a unique set of features that gives users additional scanning controls and tools to scan sites “intelligently”. The ability to scan sites intelligently enables users to apply laser scanning on a wider variety of projects, minimize total project costs, and maximize the quality of project deliverables.

Color Overlay Feature Adds to Project Deliverable Options Using Cyclone¿v4.0 and a camera-calibrated Cyrax 2500, a user can overlay the scanner’s true color digital video snapshot on top of the captured 3D point cloud. The resulting image can be viewed in 3D. Previously, deliverable options were based on using false or gray-scale colors for the scene. The true color overlay option (also known as “texture mapping”) can be used for site planning & design, forensic analyses, educational & entertainment applications, and client marketing presentations. One of the key aspects of Cyra’s implementation of this feature is the ability to perform this overlay in an intelligent, geometrically accurate manner.

SmartScan Technology is a package of features that gives laser-scanning professionals extra flexibility and intelligent control over the laser scanning activity itself. This, in turn, makes it easier for professionals to overcome a wide range of logistical challenges on laser scanning projects and minimizes downstream office time, often a major cost component of laser scanning projects. The net result is that SmartScan Technology not only provides users with the lowest total field/office labor time for a wider range of projects but also provides them with more choices of high quality deliverables.

Other Key SmartScan Technology Features & Benefits
In addition to geometrically accurate, true color texture mapping, Cyra’s SmartScan Technology includes the following:

  • Fully adjustable vertical and horizontal scan density including very high density scanning (e.g. 1.2mm point-to-point spacing) even at long range (e.g. 50m) from a single scanner setup. Low density (or coarse) scanning minimizes file sizes for terrain or structural areas of minimal interest and reduces scan time. High-density scans are invaluable for establishing locations of scan targets (for accurate geo-referencing and for project QA) and for capturing fine features such as bolt heads. Unlike scanners that are constrained to only a few pre-set scan density increments, Cyrax’ fully adjustable scan density also includes the ability to scan at very high density at long range. This allows objects such as small-bore piping to be captured with a point-to-point density that allows accurate modeling, even though the scanner may be far away from the object. It eliminates extra scanner setups often required with other scanners to “move the scanner closer” in order to achieve sufficient scan density for downstream uses.
  • Targeted, single-shot pre-scan ranging --- This allows the scanner operator to check the distance from the scanner to selected objects, ensuring that accuracy goals will be met for a scan. Combined with the ability to set point spacing via point-to-point distance at the single-shot sampling range, this also lets the field operator set the truly optimal scan density for the scene. The result is high enough density to conduct accurate downstream modeling, while minimizing scan file size and downstream office processing time.
  • Selectable scan filtering (by area of interest via rectangular or free-form polygonal areas; by region around picked points; by range; or, by return intensity) --- These four (4) filters are used to eliminate points which would hinder efficient office navigation through the point cloud and are used to minimize file size. SmartScan Technology¿provides the ability to select very small scanning windows for capturing fine features of specific interest, even at a long distance from the scene.
  • Real-time 3D visualization of scene while scanning --- This helps ensure adequate field data capture for faster office modeling and helps avoid return visits to the site. The user can also take measurements from scan data immediately after a scan is completed.
  • Highly collimated laser beam --- A highly collimated beam within every Cyrax scanner produces a small spot size (specified as 6mm at 50m). For laser scanning projects, a smaller spot enables edges and other fine features to be defined more accurately. Best-fit algorithms for structural and piping elements benefit significantly from scan data based on a small spot size: deliverables are more accurate and office modeling time is minimized.
  • Digital video camera image --- A digital video camera snapshot is available with every laser scan via Cyrax’ built-in color camera. This image aids the scanner operator when selecting areas to be scanned and in subsequent texture mapping.
  • “Dome” addressability from a single setup --- From a single tripod or other setup, a Cyrax scanner can address visible elements within a full 360x180 degree dome surrounding the scanner, thanks to its full pan & tilt design. Unlike some other scanners, a Cyrax 2500 tripod setup does not have to be modified to scan objects both directly in front of it and directly overhead. The scan head can simply be oriented towards the desired area via its pan & tilt mount. From a single tripod setup, for example, the scanner can scan straight overhead to capture the underside of a bridge and can then be rotated within its pan & tilt mount to capture the end piers. This, combined with Cyrax’ scan filtering and fully adjustable scan density, makes every Cyrax a fully addressable laser scanner.
  • Automatic target identification and modeling (extraction) of both spherical and flat Cyra targets --- SmartScan Technology allows targets to be identified automatically by the scanner, without operator intervention. Once identified, accurate geometric centers of both spherical and flat targets are computed automatically for subsequent use.
  • Scripted scan sequences for automatic scanning of multiple selected areas --- This automates a sequence of scans, reducing field time especially when targets are fine-scanned for geo-referencing or QA.
  • SmartScan Technology accessories --- Flat scan targets have proven extremely convenient to use on scanning projects. They’re easy to place on steel or other flat surfaces and can often be left in place as useful reference points. Cyra’s flat targets allow intelligent, automatic identification by a Cyrax scanner thanks to carefully designed differences in reflectivity between the target center and the main target surface. A smart, new Twin-Target pole, containing two Cyra flat targets and a leveling device, allows quick orientation of scans to vertical.