As of January 1st 2002, Satel Radio USA established offices in America and have been working in cooperation with SATEL Oy of Finland. SATEL USA covers the entire US market. Satel USA's CEO, Stanley Trent, has been in the land surveying industry for over 30 years. He is thrilled to continue working in this field with his Satel US distributorship.

The expansion is a result of the popularity of Satel products in Europe. Satel provides radio modems that are used as a wireless serial cable between RS-232 devices that can reach 2-20 miles, depending on the terrain and transmission wattage. If this isn’t long enough, the radios can be daisy-chained to act as repeaters.

Satel’s Data Radio Modems are used in many diverse public and private industries. Land Surveyors are not the only ones using Satel's radio data technology, public transportation and bus networks use them to keep on time, airports take advantage of wireless data radios to place sensors without running expensive land lines, surveyors use them to link coordinate data between control points, dispatchers use them to track fleets of vehicles with GPS linking. Visit or call Satel at 877-970-9663 to find how Satel can help you.