Version 2.1.11 features several improvements.

Version 2.1.11 has the following list of improvements:
  • Direct USB connection feature is added.
  • Direct Ethernet connection feature is added. This feature is supported by PC-CDU MS edition only.
  • In Help->About menu, "Save to file" algorithm is improved .
  • Tools->Initialise file system feature is improved.
  • Tools->Clear NVRAM feature is improved.
  • Tools->Reset receiver feature is improved.
  • The new ports Input mode - "Omni" is added for receivers equipped with OmniStar board.
  • Some new ports Output Modes are added.
  • "USB", "Ethernet" and "TCP" tabs are added to Configuration->Receiver->Ports menu.
  • PC-CDU authorization feature is added to MS edition. The authorization feature is supported by receiver firmware version 2.3 or later.
  • Files rotation feature in Real-Time Logging mode is improved in order to have more stable rotation.
  • Long satellites numbers support (PRN 120-138) is added for WAAS/EGNOS satellites.