Lizardtech Software Announced GeoExpress with MrSID version 3.0

Lizardtech Software announcedGeoExpress with MrSID version 3.0. GeoExpress with MrSID features lossless encoding, the ability to update existing MrSID mosaics, dramatic performance enhancements, more flexible encoding options and numerous additional features to enable efficient creation and distribution of network ready images. Key new features in GeoExpress with MrSID include lossless encoding with 2 to 4:1 reduction in image file size; a localized updating feature that enables users to add new imagery to existing MrSID mosaics plus the ability to mosaic existing tiled MrSID images into a seamless MrSID mosaic; and more flexible encoding capabilities including image optimization and data cartridges that ensure creation of efficient and economical imagery for all applications. (Lizardtech, Seattle, Wash.)