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Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) provided the precision measurement scoring system for the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA).

Trimble and IBM provided the ShotLink System, the scoring and statistical system, used in the PGA TOUR and SENIOR PGA TOUR. The System employs Trimble’s GPS technology to map the golf courses and Trimble’s laser technology to measure the length and accuracy of each shot. In addition, ShotLink enables viewers to obtain in-depth information on every shot.

The PGA TOUR purchased 105 Trimble 5600 Total Stations with DR200+ technology in the fourth quarter of 2000. The laser survey systems measure distances within 1/8 inch and with a range over 656 feet (200 meters).

Eighteen Trimble laser systems will be used at each PGA TOUR and SENIOR TOUR tournament.