PulseTech Products Presents RediPulse Pro-10 Charge/Maintenance System

Charge, improve, even recover several lead-acid batteries at the same time with one unit. PulseTech Products Corporation presents the RediPulse Pro-10 Charge/Maintenance System. The Pro-10 is designed to keep up to 10 new batteries "factory fresh" while they sit on the shelf or in storage by safely providing continuous charge/maintenance.

The Pro-10 keeps batteries in like-new condition by preventing damaging lead-sulfate deposits from forming on the battery plates. This sulfation buildup is the main cause of battery problems and failure--especially on batteries that sit unused for extended periods. Sulfation buildup occurs as lead sulfates form on the battery plates during the normal charge/discharge cycles. During this process, some of the sulfates can build up until the battery efficiency is reduced and the battery finally dies.

The Pro-10 uses unique, scientifically-proven ReNew-IT Pulse Technology to prevent this buildup. It emits a pulsating dc current into the battery that removes the sulfate deposits from the plates through the use of a Ion Transfer process. As the deposits leave the plates they are converted back to active electrolyte. By "cleaning" the plates the Pro-10 keeps batteries in peak condition so they can provide maximum performance and power all the time. Having clean plates also helps extend battery service life up to three times longer.

By removing the energy-dampening sulfate deposits, you can actually recover older sulfated batteries that can no longer accept a charge (as long as they have a charge level of at least 11 volts). "Renewing" dead batteries dead batteries will help reduce battery related expenses. It will also help protect the environment. Since batteries last longer, there is less danger of batteries being prematurely discarded in landfills and other sensitive areas.