Forum celebrates 20th anniversary and holds joint sessions with the FIG Task Force on Under-represented Groups.

This year at the joint ACSM/ASPRS/FIG Washington Congress, the NSPS Forum for Equal Opportunity will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. They will be holding joint sessions with the FIG Task Force on Under-represented Groups in Surveying. The two sessions planned are The Modern Profile of Surveyors--Gender Aspects I and II. Forum member, Wendy J. Woodbury Straight will be presenting "Advantages and Reflections: Efforts to include women in United States surveying and mapping, 1981-2001." In addition to Straight's presentation, others from around the world include "Challenges for Women in a Changing Profession--Austria"; "Wanted: Women Engineers--Germany"; "Mainstreaming Gender Issues in Land Administration--Denmark"; "Why are Young Women so Attracted to Survey Education in Sweden?--Sweden" and "A Gender for Change: The Future of Women in Surveying--United Kingdom." This is a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from women abroad. The joint sessions are Wednesday, April 24th, 2002 with Session I beginning at 2:00 pm and Session II beginning at 4:00 pm.