The RUGBY 100, LB-900 Mini Beacon and two new Javelin models hit the market.


RUGBY, the first new product from Laser Alignment by Leica Geosystems, is now available worldwide.

The RUGBY 100 is an automatic self-leveling laser for general construction. According to Kurt Schibli, President of Laser Alignment, “The RUGBY 100 is designed for rugged yet easy use, and can make quick work of concrete forming, pad placement and framework, setting foundation and footings, as well as elevation indication for heavy equipment.” The RUGBY 100 automatically levels very quickly, has a simple four-switch keypad that controls all the functions, plus a low-battery indicator.

The RUGBY 100 debuted at the Batimat Trade Show in Paris in November 2001. It also was shown at the World of Concrete in New Orleans in January 2002. The Rugby 100 has received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from both Dealers and Customers at these shows. The co-molded housing of high-impact plastic and rubber is as rugged as it looks. RUGBY is the first Laser Alignment product to use the Leica Innovation Process, an award-winning process designed to ensure that new products meets customer needs.

LB-900 Mini Beacon

Laser Alignment by Leica Geosystems also launched The LB-900 Mini Beacon. A versatile interior and general construction laser, the LB-900 Mini Beacon is incredibly easy to use. The LB-900 Mini Beacon makes alignment a one-person operation that provides automatic horizontal and vertical leveling plus off-level indication. It has a one-touch reference point positioning, a built-in 90º split beam for layout, and an adjustable scanning beam that creates a visible chalk line. The LB-900 Mini Beacon is a sealed unit with a variable speed rotating head, manual operation for slope, and an optional re-chargeable NiCad battery pack with a low battery indicator, plus full function remote capability. The LB-900 Mini Beacon is the latest in a series of innovative products from Laser Alignment.

Javelin and Javelin-S

The Javelin provides up to 20% grade in both the X and Y planes. The Javelin features a high speed rotation for smooth and accurate blade control, cordless on-board battery pack, and an easy-to-use LCD display.

The Javelin-S, providing up to 50% grade in either the X or Y planes, includes an Angle Setting Feature, plus an automatic Line Finding Feature that will precisely set the axis to the control points. Additionally, the Angle Measurement function is completely unique to the Javelin-S, not found in any competitor’s product.

Both Javelins also feature one touch adjustment for windy conditions, fast steep grade setting and a grade “swap” feature that reverses the grade in one axis for applications such as road crowns. Their distinctive winged-handle design is construction tough, providing easy portability. Dykhuis also said both Javelin models are “extremely robust and 100% waterproof.”