ISTAR Americas has delivered a fully processed natural-color TrueOrtho image of the City of Baltimore to the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology in 10 weeks. ISTAR acquired one-foot-resolution, digital aerial data for the entire city in March and delivered a seamless, finished Citywide TrueOrtho image mosaic by early June.

The ISTAR Americas’ TrueOrtho imagery will complement base map data provided by Baltimore’s Enterprise Geographic Information Services group to over a dozen city departments and agencies. With city employees regularly accessing geographic information through the city’s intranet, Baltimore is actively pursuing the application of geographic information and technology to address city issues.

The TrueOrtho imagery is also being used by Mayor Martin O’Malley’s CitiStat program that has developed a national reputation for tracking city government performance and improving municipal accountability (see for additional information on CitiStat and the use of geographic information in Baltimore.)