The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Atlantic Region has awarded CARIS a contract to deliver the CARIS Hydrographic Production Source (HPS) database and integrate it with the CHS Bathymetric Source Data Base (BSDB).

CARIS has been providing solutions to the CHS for more than two decades. This contract will introduce the CHS to some of CARIS' latest technology for database solutions.

This project will extend the capabilities of the CHS' existing Bathymetric Source Data Base of sounding and related meta data to include the management of source data points, lines and areas. The integration of HPS and the BSBD will provide the CHS with a more effective tool to manage source data and make it readily available for production requirements and dissemination of data to CHS clients.

Integration of the CARIS HPS database and the existing CHS source database will be facilitated by the extension of the Session Layer already in place at CHS. Developed and implemented by Holonics Data Management Group Ltd., Hull, Quebec the Session Layer functions as an interface to manage and coordinate the operation of the system and provides a process and workflow audit trail.

The HPS database embodies a unique design that leverages Oracle Spatial technology. Its strength is based on an open, flexible data model. As the heart of the database, this data model supports the production operations of Hydrographic Offices and includes generalization, history of hydrographic objects and multi-user access.