GeoConcept Dispatcher offers optimization of vehicle routing and scheduling while handling a variety of constraints.

GeoConcept SA, European leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), launches GeoConcept Dispatcher, its new vehicle routing, scheduling and dispatching solution for day-to-day route planning. GeoConcept Dispatcher combines the precision and user-friendly design of the cartographic GeoConcept engine with the power of an engine from ILOG, the world's leading supplier of advanced software components.

GeoConcept's optimization solution for logistics offers several advantages. It enables the provider to deal with clients' increasingly complex demands, and therefore to offer a better quality of service. Service providers can rapidly identify delivery problems and keep clients informed and updated. Delivery delays are minimized and transportation costs reduced - by up to 20% compared with non-optimized transportation.

Service providers therefore benefit from an intelligent application that precisely calculates the best possible itinerary, taking into account any extra route information (such as one way streets, roadworks, or traffic jams), preferred client delivery times, vehicle capacity, and driver timetables and breaks.

GeoConcept Dispatcher ensures a flexible work environment. GeoConcept has designed the system so that the logistics operator has a central role and can thus take full advantage of his or her experience and know-how. The cartographic clarity, dynamic labeling - thanks to GeoConcept SmartLabel, - the multi-view function, and configurable navigation bar, mean the solution is particularly user-friendly and efficient.

GeoConcept Dispatcher offers as standard:

  • Immediate display of pick-up and delivery points
  • Fast calculation of itineraries involving multiple journeys and multiple constraints
  • Multi-simulation archiving
  • Direct manipulation of cartographic objects
  • Route listings illustrated with easy-to-read maps

GeoConcept Dispatcher interfaces with other solutions in the GeoConcept range, making it a high-performance tool. Working alongside GeoConcept Call Centers solution, GeoConcept Dispatcher acknowledges real-time commands and immediately integrates them into pre-programmed itineraries. Working with GeoConcept Pocket, it gives drivers all the mapping information they need to carry out their journey in a PDA compatible form. GeoConcept Dispatcher can be easily integrated in enterprise information systems.