IntelliWhere debuts new Mobile Workforce Starter Kit to automate data for field crews.

At InterGEO 2002, Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, Germany, (Hall 9.0 Stand F15) and its premier partners, PLEdoc GmbH and Terra Map Server GmbH, are highlighting advancements in mapping and GIS solutions, location-based services solutions, and core geospatial products in a lively, mock city exhibit called Terra.City. Modeled to resemble an actual city with structures representing a town gate, data center, marketplace, and public works office, the Terra.City exhibit features products and services based on Intergraph's industry-acclaimed GeoMedia technology to address the infrastructure information requirements of municipalities and regional governments. With 30 participating German and Austrian corporations, this community effort aims to deliver the vision, products, tools, and services that are essential for achieving the greatest return on investment in GIS data.

Participants attending InterGEO 2002, the world's leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformatics, and land management, will witness the debut of IntelliWhere's new Mobile Workforce Starter Kit, an out-of-the-box solution enabling organizations to automate the delivery and use of spatial and asset data to field crews using personal digital assistants (PDAs), [see release, IntelliWhere Launches Mobile Workforce Starter Kit to Accelerate Data Automation for Field Crews, 10/16]. Also on display are Intergraph's latest GIS and mapping solutions along with Team GeoMedia partner solutions. Intergraph's showcased solutions include:

  • GeoMedia 5.0 - With new levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability, GeoMedia 5.0 offers enhanced data access, integration, and analysis tools, improved map presentation, plotting, and viewing features, support for evolving industry standard interfaces and data formats, and productivity improvements for data capture and editing.
  • GeoMedia WebMap 5.0 - GeoMedia WebMap is the only Web-based map visualization tool that links in real-time to one or more GIS warehouses to publish up-to-date information to users. GeoMedia WebMap puts GIS information on an intranet or the Internet, where users can access vector-based smartmaps containing hyperlinks.
  • GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0 - GeoMedia Transaction Manager's long-term transaction, versioning, and temporal data management software capabilities provide a true enterprise approach to managing spatial information for the GeoMedia Professional and Oracle9i(tm) environment. Ideal for land information management, utilities management, mapping, and transportation agencies that build and maintain data models within or across departments, the software allows users to manage the data life cycle while safeguarding the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information.
  • IntelliWhere's NEW Mobile Workforce Starter Kit - The limited-time-offer starter kit provides industry-proven PDA mapping and GIS management tools - IntelliWhere OnDemand, IntelliWhere LocationServer, and Intergraph's GeoMedia software - for the rapid deployment of spatial intelligence for any organization with a mobile workforce. The Mobile Workforce Starter Kit provides extensive and open tools to connect field personnel to corporate data, such as intelligent maps, diagrams, and asset information, critical to job performance. This discounted software bundle is specifically designed to provide an easy and efficient way for government, transportation, utilities, or military organizations to experience the technological and economical benefits of automating a mobile workforce.
  • Digital Cartographic Studio (DCS) - DCS offers a powerful and versatile design environment for cartographic professionals and map production operators. With functionality including automatic rules-based symbolization, overprint detection, conflict resolution, and color proofing, the product is ideal for medium-to-large map production organizations such as national mapping agencies and high-end cartographic production companies.
  • Dynamo - This industry-first digital mapping/GIS system merges GIS analysis tools with proven cartographic editing tools to provide dynamic, interactive topology. A broad suite of leading-edge functions - including spatial query and analysis, automatic topologic and geometric error detection and correction, user-guided dataset merge and conflation, and more - are set in an environment that automatically maintains clean topological data structures to provide mappers and GIS analysts with state-of-the-art capabilities to produce the most accurate results.
  • GeoMedia Image Professional - InterGEO attendees will see a technology preview of the soon-to-be-released GeoMedia Image Professional, which offers comprehensive image processing and analysis software for manipulating satellite and aerial imagery within a single GIS environment.

In addition to showcasing leading-edge, end-to-end geospatial solutions for global customers, the 700-metre Terra.City will offer entertainment, such as a live music festival with a buffet for attendees needing a temporary escape from the information overload typically associated with tradeshows.