The new VueStar system couples NavCom's dual frequency GPS technology with its global satellite-based StarFire service to provide real-time decimeter navigation and positioning accuracy.

NavCom Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company, announced the availability of VueStar, a complete global navigation system configured specifically for all aerial survey applications. VueStar couples NavCom's dual frequency Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with its global satellite based StarFire service to provide real-time decimeter navigation and positioning accuracy.

VueStar offers Aerial Photogrammetry, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) surveyors decimeter-positioning accuracy in real time, improving their ability to return customer surveys with faster turnaround. VueStar provides GPS navigation enhanced to decimeter accuracy by the globally available StarFire Network, in a small convenient form-factor.

Vuestar eliminates the range limitations of terrestrial communication links as well as the dependency on post-processing recorded data using ground based reference stations.

NavCom is currently taking orders for the VueStar system with prices starting at $15,995 U.S. Contact NavCom Technology directly for volume pricing.

VueStar utilizes NavCom's SF-2050M dual frequency GPS receiver providing position and velocity up to 10 times a second with decimeter accuracy. All necessary cabling, a combined GPS/StarFire aircraft certified antenna, internal data logging, event input, 1pps output and a one-year global StarFire license are all included in the system package. The StarFire system utilizes a network of more than 50 GPS reference stations around the world to compute GPS satellite orbit and clock corrections. These corrections are broadcast via three geosynchronous satellites to the GPS receiver enabling precise real-time navigation without the need for a ground base station.

Source: NavCom, April 2004