Sanborn and ITspatial, LLC, a leader in visual information management and decision support solutions, announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to leverage their independent capabilities in offering clients integrated 3D GIS mapping as part of their solutions. As part of this agreement, Sanborn will re-sell ITspatial’s InterSCOPE Visual Information Management system as well as real-time 3D GIS maps generated using Sanborn source data. ITspatial will, in turn, gain access to Sanborn source data to provide its clients with ongoing 3D GIS decision support solutions. This announcement was made during the 2003 ESRI Federal User’s Conference at The International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

“Partnering with ITspatial provides another differentiator for our clients who already know our outstanding data acquisition, digital mapping and GIS services tradition,” said David Brostuen, vice president of operations with Sanborn. “Our clients, utilizing ESRI’s ArcGIS integrated with InterSCOPE, will be able to expand their GIS capabilities to interface with the real-time 3D digital model of their site or venue. InterSCOPE provides clients the ability to deploy our high quality data in ways that make an impact with key decision makers and stakeholders. This increases the value of our data products for their organizations.”

“Many of our clients are highly impressed with InterSCOPE and our 3D GIS maps; however, their outlook is dampened by a lack of high quality source data,” said Chris Nunno, vice president of marketing and business development at ITspatial. “Sanborn has the ability to provide high quality geospatial source data in a format conducive to ITspatial’s 3D GIS database production methodology. This ability, coupled with its data collected from a growing number of urban locations, makes Sanborn an ideal partner for us as we roll out our decision support solutions to a growing client base at the federal, state, and local levels.”