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ASPRS, The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society, and RAND, a non-profit institution that specializes in research and analysis, released a book, "Commercial Observation Satellites: At the Leading Edge of Global Transparency," by John C. Baker, Kevin M. O'Connell, and Ray A. Williamson. The book focuses on analyzing the issues brought about by higher resolution observation satellites. The authors' examine and discuss emerging policy issues, provide a survey of the U.S. and many non-U.S. satellite remote sensing programs, and feature case studies on international security programs and policies from various countries. The book also examines the positive and negative benefits of the newer and more detailed satellites. This book is divided into four parts: Policymaking Context, National Remote Sensing Programs and Policies, Remote Sensing Applications to International Problems, and Emerging International Policy Issues. The book is available online, www.asprs.org.