ESRI customers can access Kodak Citipix aerial imagery on the Internet.

Eastman Kodak Company announced it has joined ESRI’s Geography Network ( as an image data provider. Eastman Kodak Company joins more than 400 providers who host their maps, data, or services on the Geography Network.

ESRI customers can easily access and purchase Kodak Citipix aerial imagery by linking to Kodak’s e-commerce site through the Geography Network. This offers a convenient way to access aerial data and utilize ESRI’s suite of geographic information system (GIS) software products. Citipix imagery products include digital color orthorectified mosaics (six- and twelve-inch resolution) and Kodak prints (10”x10” to 40”x 42”). Kodak Citipix aerial images meet NMAS 1200 specification for accuracy. For ease of integration, Citipix imagery can be formatted in MrSID and GeoTIFF formats.

This offering is Kodak’s most recent contribution to infoimaging—a $225 billion industry created by the convergence of images and information technology.