Users are offered a software package for precise deformation monitoring and analysis.

Leica Geosystems introduced GeoMoS (Geodetic Monitoring System), a powerful software package for precise deformation monitoring and analysis.

Running on Windows 2000 or NT, GeoMoS is designed to support complex multi-sensor networks for monitoring structures such as bridges, tunnels, earthen dams, mineshafts, landslide areas, volcanoes and high-rise buildings. It is the first and only software that integrates information from a wide array of sensors, including terrestrial robotic total stations, GPS receivers, meteorological sensors, strain gauges, tilt sensors, and more into a single network.

GeoMoS automatically monitors real-time movements at all remote sensor locations and advises authorities of any movements beyond pre-defined tolerances. It also provides extensive event-management and trend analysis functionality.

GeoMoS is designed to make it easy to connect multiple sensors of different types to the network. Users simply describe the sensor in a standard XML text file. No additional programming is required when adding sensors. The GeoMoS software can support a variety of data communications media, including GSM, WAN, LAN, radio link or cable, using TCP/IP technology.

The scalable GeoMoS software is available in several different levels of sophistication, to match the customer's requirements and budget, ranging from simple single-sensor monitoring stations, to complex multi-station networks.