Two programs plot waypoints in AutoCAD.

AMC Inc., Phoenix, Ariz., introduced the latest Version 2.5 of its GPS2CAD. The company has also introduced a "Recreational Version" called GPS2CAD-rv that preserves the core functionality of GPS2CAD and sells for $100 less.

The programs are designed to interface with a GPS receiver and plot the waypoints and track points directly into AutoCAD. GPS2CAD is designed to serve the engineering, GPS and GIS communities with a cost-effective alternative to some of the very expensive software packages now on the market.

The price for GPS2CAD Ver 2.5 is $245. Version 2.5 of GPS2CAD adds significant new features based on user comments. First among these requests is compatibility with most Garmin hand-held receivers, including the popular eTrex line. It also includes greatly improved printing capabilities for the GPS points and CAD points. Preserved from the earlier version are the features to import and export of the points to text files, the ability to edit the points, and the capability of uploading those points back to the GPS Receiver. Users can even plot the waypoint in AutoCAD, move them to new locations in the drawing, and then upload them back into the GPS receiver.

GPS2CAD-rv is a stream-lined version for those who want the ability to download and plot their points in AutoCAD, but need it more for a recreational use. While selling for $145, it preserves the primary download and plot functions, but does not have the import/export, print, or upload capability.

Waypoints and Track Points are the point databases maintained by GPS receivers. Waypoints are those entered manually with the push of a button on the GPS receiver's faceplate, and Track Points are the "bread crumb" points that are maintained and show the actual walk-around history of the users location. Waypoints are generally accessible for review on the GPS display, but track points are typically hidden from the user except to plot them in a connect-the-dot display. With GPS2CAD, both of these point files can be retrieved and plotted with lines, points, and blocks directly into AutoCAD.

AMC Inc. publishes several software programs designed for engineering, AutoCAD users and Visual Basic users.