Program can help MapInfo and ESRI users save money.

Maptech, Amesbury, Mass., introduced MapServer GIS, a special version of Maptech's MapServer Professional, which is specifically configured for MapInfo and ESRI users to use USGS topographic maps. Users will not need to export or reproject, keep track of hundreds of CDs and can save money from not having to buy USGS DRGs.

MapServer GIS is available with over 59,000 topo maps covering the entire United States, delivered on a "plug-and-play" Snap Server for immediate use with both MapInfo and ESRI ArcGIS products over a corporate network.

Coverage available:
Select the map coverage to fit your organization's needs. Maptech offers different versions based on the client's requirements. Standard areas of coverage include the entire United States or any 100, 50 or 30 topographic map regions.

Map Details:

  • MapServer GIS topo maps are scanned at 400 dpi and then compressed to 160 dpi for the best combination of map clarity and file size. The maps look better than DRGs, take up less disk space and are seamless for side-by- side viewing.
  • Users select a datum (NAD27 or NAD83) and a coordinate system (UTM or State Plane) that match their ESRI or MapInfo project.
  • The maps are useful right out of the box with MapInfo and ESRI's ArcGIS applications. The maps are compatible with both newer and older versions of MapInfo and ESRI products. MapServer GIS provides TIFF files with MapInfo TAB and ESRI TFW world files.
  • Maptech updates the digital topo database regularly and provides map updates to customers automatically every quarter for three years and offers a low-cost update subscription option.
  • The USGS does not offer an update subscription for DRGs and updates are not regular.