The program will address the city's mapping and parcel maintenance requirements.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that the City of Winnipeg has chosen GeoMedia technology to address their mapping and parcel maintenance requirements. The Planning, Property and Development Department will implement GeoMedia Parcel Manager, GeoMedia Transaction Manager and GeoMedia WebEnterprise for sharing and integrating georeferenced municipal services information, including parcel mapping, assessment, zoning, addressing and underground structures. These solutions will enable the department to maintain the city 's databases for base map, addressing and assessment parcel data as new information is received, all within a single environment. The city also uses Oracle Spatial for its enterprisewide database.

GeoMedia technology met the city's three primary requirements for a GIS solution: preserve the accuracy and integrity of existing and new data; store the data efficiently in a non-proprietary format using an industry standard database; and perform a variety of data analysis functions.

Using GeoMedia WebEnterprise and a staff-developed intranet application called iView, city employees can access virtually all spatial information in a format customized for each city department, and the public can view their property assessment information using the Internet. GeoMedia Parcel will be used to replace the existing VAX-based GDS system currently used for parcel mapping and addressing and will be integrated with the assessment department's computer-aided mass appraisal system and the city's current permitting and licensing system from CSDC Systems Inc., a provider of enterprise transaction systems for government.