Technidea Corporation introduces ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 Elevation Measurement System

Technidea Corporation introduced its ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 Elevation Measurement System. By pressing ZIPLEVEL’s Zero key at a bench mark, users can read digital elevations while working alone or around visual obstructions. ZIPLEVEL provides better than 1/8" precision over setup ranges of 40 vertical feet across a 200-foot circle, or users can differential level over unlimited ranges without tabulation or calculations. Functions allow users to see readings in their favorite scale, display elevations above sea level, set audible limits, average unlimited readings or dump data into a PC for jobsite profiles, 3D or topo maps. ZIPLEVEL is water- and drop-resistant and operates from –22¿F to +158¿F for up to 70 hours on one 9V battery. (Technidea Corporation, Escondido, Calif.)