Part of broader strategy for the division to focus development efforts and meet customer's specialized needs through vendors with domain expertise.

Autodesk Inc. announced that as part of its electric utility strategy, it has strengthened its alliance with Cook-Hurlbert to help deliver the next generation of electric utility applications. As part of this agreement, Cook-Hurlbert, an Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) partner, will add Autodesk Utility Design functionality into Expert Designer 3. In addition to this, Autodesk continues to build relationships with others in the electric utility market, such as Utility Sciences Corporation (USC), also an ADN partner.

These relationships complement the Autodesk GIS Solutions Division vision to focus on customers’ specialized needs and the company’s core competencies: building powerful GIS, mapping, civil engineering, and infrastructure management software and developing strategic partnerships to deliver additional targeted industry expertise and functionality to customers. GenMap and Utility Design Transfer Options
Autodesk has worked closely with Cook-Hurlbert and USC to provide expanded utility solutions for customers into new, specialized applications. Various options for customers include:

    Autodesk Utility Design – For current Autodesk Utility Design (AUD) customers, Cook-Hurlbert is committed to integrating familiar functionality into the future release of Expert Designer 3, Cook-Hurlbert’s powerful application for integrating work-management and geographic information systems. In addition, other companies, such as SophSys with their Sherpa product line, also provide Autodesk-based design and estimating automation solutions to the electric and gas distribution industries.
  • Autodesk GenMap – For electric utilities who require enterprise GIS solutions, Autodesk has developed a transition path to Autodesk GIS Design Server. This solution provides performance, integrity, security, and multiuser concurrency for implementing enterprise mapping systems that facilitate faster decision-making, reduced operational expenses, and improved customer service. For smaller electric utilities, customers can transition to USC’s USMap product. Based on Autodesk Map, USMap is a rules-based and object-oriented product that brings flexibility and power to the user in a single interface. Coupled with Autodesk MapGuide, users can distribute their utility mapping data within the organization.
  • To help with the migration to Autodesk GIS Design Server, Autodesk is working closely with a number of system integrators including Advantica Stoner, Isosceles Information Solutions, KEMA Consulting, and Linnet Systems.