Z-Max now features simplified user interface with enhancements to Fast Survey field software and GNSS Studio office software.

Thales Navigation announced a significant enhancement for new and existing Z-Max survey system customers. The new features provided by Z-Max are designed to give surveyors even greater control over their GPS investment and make the process of GPS surveying even easier. From set up in the field to data processing in the office, Z-Max now offers key features that will help surveyors save time and money.

The new Z-Max firmware enables optimum performance in all reference station networks. Excellent results have been established in both VRS and FKP networks. The updated Fast Survey field software enables surveyors to simply modify and choose the network of his or her preference and to save a list of reference stations and phone numbers.

Already a powerful field engine for the Z-Max, the Fast Survey software now controls all communication settings, including Bluetooth, UHF or GSM devices. The user can now follow a simple and automatic menu, which leads him through each step of the operation, such as switching from base to rover mode.

To meet the demands of experienced land surveyors and cut the learning curve for first-time users of GPS office software, Thales Navigation has created an easy-to-learn software platform with the new GNSS Studio version 1.5. A single click of the mouse leads the user from data import to post processing, to a complete network adjustment. Advanced users can change their settings at any time during the project as well as come back to the original status simple by pressing the "Restore" button.

Fast Survey now also lets surveyors import data from external devices, such as echo sounders, code readers or gas sensors and combine that information with their GPS data. This enables customers to easily perform tasks such as saving area calculation results, viewing the distance to a reference station or switching degree units.

The GNSS Studio office software has also been enhanced with RINEX file handling, which allows the user to automatically access base station data from the Internet and merge two or more RINEX files.

Thales Navigation makes it easy for surveyors to maximize their investment in equipment by now providing power to two ports on the Z-Max so third-party radios or handheld controllers can be powered conveniently.

FAST Survey field software, designed for use with Z-Max, now supports most national coordinate systems and geoid models, making it available for survey work virtually anywhere in the world.

Z-Max still offers the same ADAPT-RTK performance to provide positioning reliability, accuracy and availability. Thales Navigation's breakthrough ADAPT-RTK technology automatically optimizes the performance of the receiver based on user conditions, such as ionospheric delay and number of satellites. Z-Max also offers the industry's quickest centimeter-solution fix and near 100 percent reliability. ADAPT-RTK makes fast, reliable centimeter results possible, even at long base-line lengths. With unparalleled performance for the GPS and land survey market, Z-Max provides RTK initialization in two seconds for baselines up to 20 kilometers, and precise results nearly as quickly for baselines over 50 kilometers. Not only can surveyors be confident of the data they collect, they can collect it faster than with competitive systems.

The new enhancements for Z-Max are available through a free firmware download to existing Z-max customers from ftp.thalesnavigation.com/firmware. New customers will automatically receive all of these key benefits upon purchase of a new Z-Max survey system.

Source: Thales, June 11, 2004