New product to be shown at GITA conference.

DeLorme, a leading innovator in digital mapping and GIS/GPS business solutions, and an advocate of OGIS, introduced XMap 4.0, a suite of professional GIS software and data products. XMap 4.0, an extension of DeLorme's robust and expanding XMap data fusion engine, provides professional users with easy-to-use, affordable import/export tools with a wide variety of data and imagery sets. XMap 4.0's Netlink Tab facilitates the selection and purchase of DeLorme Aerial Data Packets - a blend of USGS DOQQ's, 7.5-minute topo quads (DRGs), Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and DeLorme's 10-meter resolution satellite data (SAT10) - via electronic software download (ESD), on CD-ROM or USB hard drive. XMap 4.0 also includes a tab manager that allows administrators to match the application's user interface (UI) to their organization's requirements.

"Professional users deserve mapping software they can install and begin using immediately, while incurring minimal training and consulting expense," comments Brook DeLorme, Director of Corporate Business Development. "We deliberately positioned XMap 4.0 to attract those professionals dealing with the diametrically opposed goals of establishing a Geographic Information System (GIS) while complying with ever decreasing budgetary objectives. With a starting price of only $199, XMap 4.0 is the affordable alternative."

New with XMap 4.0, the user can easily import shape files and lay map objects over vector maps, DOQQ's, DRG's, and other DeLorme data sets. The XData tab facilitates the geo-coding and importing of the user's existing address database and assists the user in linking document and object files to a Mapbase. Multiple coordinate systems are supported including Lat/Lon, State Plane, UTM, and MGRS.

Easy access to a variety of data and imagery sources is a key driver of XMap 4.0's value to the professional user. With this release, DeLorme now offers easy access to aerial imagery, SAT-10 satellite imagery, 3D TopoQuad USGS 7.5-minute quads, elevation data, phone data, as well as vector and topographic sets of the entire US. Data sets may be purchased via ESD download, on CD ROM or custom built to a USB 2.0 hard drive. XMap 4.0 provides 3D map viewing and side-by-side split-screen viewing with a complete set of analysis tools for easy map creation and map layer arrangement.

XMap 4.0 extends the XMap software platform by offering GIS professionals new features, including Enhanced Print Functionality - new page-layout tools with mosaic map creation and striking presentation graphics. The XSym feature, a symbol editor built into the application, includes an extensive library of map symbols. XMap 4.0 has a Customizable User Interface - administrators can now match XMap 4.0 to their work force's specific requirements by choosing only the toolsets required, thereby minimizing training investment and making mapping activities more productive.

XMap 4.0 includes and expands upon the previously released, award-winning features of DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 2003, Street Atlas USA 2003 PLUS, Topo USA 4.0, as well as the XMap series of professional products.

Features include: address-to-address routing; ability to create your own routable streets/trails; split-screen 2-D and 3-D map viewing; document linking via the Draw Tab; Phone Data Tab; 3-D GPS tracking; easy GPS waypoint management, and a NOAA predictable magnetic model of the Earth.

Additional modules are available - enhance your XMap 4.0 GIS suite with specialized modules including XMap HandHeld Pro, Image Registration, Map Export 2.0, and PhotoFlight. With the release of XMap 4.0, DeLorme expands its valuable professional mapping offerings to a variety of markets including the civil engineering, state and municipal government, land management, public-safety, real estate, surveyor, transportation, and utility markets.