MicroSurvey announced that Leica Canada is now distributing MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius line of data collection software.

“We are very happy to join with Leica to reach our many customers in the Canadian market. There are thousands of Canadian Land Surveyors who use MicroSurvey software every day to process their data.” said Darcy J. Detlor, MicroSurvey’s President. “FieldGenius support for Leica equipment is outstanding, so this is a natural fit.”

Peter Hettstedt, Vice President of Sales at Leica, stated “MicroSurvey is by far the most popular surveying software in Canada, and supporting our customer’s software needs makes sense. This agreement between our two companies will allow us to present a seamless workflow of data from field to finish for our clients. This is one of the many reasons the FieldGenius data collector was recently chosen by some of our biggest surveying customers as their field survey software.”