Comprehensive online entrepreneurship course to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The U.S. Small Business Administration and My Own Business Inc., announced a joint effort to provide a free, comprehensive online entrepreneurship course for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The 11-session interactive course was developed by My Own Business Inc., a non-profit firm founded in 1992 by a successful entrepreneur to develop and provide educational materials on entrepreneurship. The course includes audio sound bytes, quizzes, feedback and an online tool to create business plans, and will be added to the SBA’s online classroom at

Each of the individual components of the virtual business seminar can be pursued in sequence, or independently. The 11 segments are:
1) Deciding on a Business
2) The Business Plan
3) Basic Computer and Communication Tools
4) Organization and Insurance
5) Location and Leasing
6) Accounting and Cash Flow
7) How to Borrow Money
8) E-Commerce
9) Buying a Business or Franchise
10) Opening and Marketing
11) Expanding and Handling Problems