Software offers new enhancements and upgrades for collecting/processing data.

Leica Geosystems introduced Version 2.0 of the popular GIS DataPRO office software, offering new enhancements and upgrades that will make it easier to collect, process and exchange GIS/GPS field data.

GIS DataPRO is an office software suite designed to support Leica's GS50 GIS/GPS data acquisition system. The software provides for two-way data flow of position and attribute data between the field and the office. It uses the industry-standard ESRI Shapefile as its native format, permitting field data to be read directly by the software without translating.

Among the new features in Version 2.0 are support of point and line offsets including post-processing and editing, unlimited importing of field jobs in a project, interpolation of RINEX data on standard imports, display of properties for each node of line and area measurements and easy one-step undo functions. Version 2.0 also provides for export of 3-D data to CAD and ASCII, enhanced coordinate systems management, automatic reference file search, automatic downloads of reference data and improved map settings.

Leica's GS50, coupled with the GIS DataPRO software, is a powerful and flexible tool for collecting, processing and utilizing GIS/GPS data from the field. The scalable system can be configured to support a wide range of accuracy requirements, from centimeter-level RTK survey-quality data to sub-meter position data for GIS applications. The system's ClearTrak and MaxTrak functions provide for data collection in areas where the satellite signals are attenuated by dense foliage or other blockage.