POS AV Systems to be used.

Applanix of Richmond Hill, Ontario, was awarded a contract to provide two POS AV (Position and Orientation System for Airborne Vehicles) systems to the Aerial Image Centre of the National Land Survey of Finland. POS AV was selected due to its seamless data flow, which increases production efficiency and project turn around.

POS AV provides data required for geometric correction and geocoding of airborne sensors as well as for aerial camera orientation parameters for airborne photo surveying and mapping. POS AV's Direct Georeferencing feature allows the determination of camera orientation parameters with minimal aerial triangulation and ground controls, enabling the rapid creation of digital orthophotos and maps.

The Aerial Image Centre of the National Land Survey of Finland carries out all the aerial photography needed for topographic mapping and cadastral map production in Finland. It also carries out aerial photography for customers under contract.