Software will be used to produce gymnasium-sized terrain models.

The First U.S. Army’s Warfighter Exercise Division has selected ERDAS IMAGINE image mapping and visualization software to produce gymnasium-sized terrain models (approximately 50 feet x 120 feet) to use during mission rehearsals for U.S. Army National Guard Division operations.

The Division plans and executes computer simulation training exercises for the commanding generals and staffs of four U.S. Army National Guard Divisions. One aspect of the training is a corps level rehearsal designed to synchronize the division's tactical plans within the larger framework of the corps.

Using the Map Composer and Annotation Layer tools of ERDAS IMAGINE, the Division produced maps the size of a gymnasium with the corps’ operational graphics printed on the map. Using the Mosaic tool, aerial photographs of an Area of Operations (AO) were enlarged to a comparable scale to help the division commander visualize the terrain. Finally, an IMAGINE VirtualGIS fly-through was added to highlight the military aspects of the terrain.