GeoSpatial World 2002 attendees get first look.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions unveils its new GeoMedia Terrain 5.0 software for terrain analysis, elevation derived feature generation, and three-dimensional (3D) visualization today in Atlanta at GeoSpatial World 2002. GeoMedia Terrain 5.0 includes color-coded elevations, shaded relief displays, contour generation, and 3D flythroughs - all in the familiar Microsoft Windows environment.

Processing multiple data formats Building on the strengths of GeoMedia technology, GeoMedia Terrain 5.0 integrates elevation data from a number of sources directly into the GeoMedia workspace and accepts elevation data in all formats and projections supported by GeoMedia. Accepted elevation formats include USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM), USGS Spatial Data Transfer Specification (SDTS), Intergraph grid elevation data, Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED1 and 2), and GMT defined ASCII format.

Upgraded analysis and modeling functions With powerful capabilities and a familiar Microsoft Windows-based interface, GeoMedia Terrain 5.0 allows users to analyze and model elevation data right on their desktops. Functions and capabilities that have been improved or added in the new version include:

  • 3D Coordinate Readout - Display elevation, slope, and aspect based on the cursor position in a MapView.
  • Color-Coded Elevation - Display a color-coded representation of elevations over a selected area of a model using a full palette of 256 colors.
  • Shaded Relief - Display a gray-scale shaded representation of a model showing how the sun illuminates elevations.
  • Profile View - Generate a profile view of an elevation between two points or along a selected feature. The view can be tailored for vertical exaggeration, line colors, and weights.
  • Contour Generation - Create cartographic-quality contour features with user-specified intervals. Contours may include index label preferences and depression checks.
  • Slope Polygon Generation - Create slope polygons from user-specified ranges as features in a GeoMedia warehouse. Create spatial queries to locate areas of significant slope.
  • Aspect Polygon Generation - Create aspect polygons as features in a GeoMedia warehouse. Create displays or queries to indicate direction of terrain slope.
  • Visibility Polygon Generation - Create polygons indicating both visible and invisible areas from a user-specified viewpoint. Visibility polygons from different viewpoints can be intersected to detect locations hidden from view.

Fly through the generated terrain GeoMedia Terrain 5.0 includes the ActiveTerrain modeling tools and real-world objects for easy desktop creation of 3D terrain models. This enables users to generate models from elevation data, drape orthorectified imagery and maps over the model, and apply synthetic textures to create a realistic representation of the terrain.

ActiveFlight lets users view and dynamically fly through the 3D terrain models they create. They can fly through wire-frame or image-draped models and 3D models of vehicles, buildings, and equipment in three different navigation modes: Free Roam, Fixed Height, or Terrain Avoidance. And they can link the flythrough viewpoint to the 2D GeoMedia MapView to correlate to a geographic location.