Leica Geosystems announced the worldwide introduction of the Laser Alignment-branded family of service locator tools known as DIGICAT 100, DIGITEX 8/33 and DIGITRACE 30/50/80.

The DIGICAT 100 location system provides a fast and safe solution for tracing buried utility services. DIGICAT 100 utilizes three detection modes: Power to located energized power cables up to 3m deep; Radio to locate metallic services which radiate radio waves; and Generator to locate tracer information, generated by the DIGITEX 8/33, in inactive power cable and other services.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of today’s tracing operations, the DIGICAT 100 offers several standard vital safety features rarely found in similar units from other manufacturers. The DIGICAT has dual waterproof speakers and a headphone socket, alkaline batteries, and digital microprocessor control. Plus it automatically defaults to power mode at maximum sensitivity.

The DIGITRACE 30/50/80 is a coiled 4.5mm diameter fiberglass rod on a reel, which incorporates a copper wire. The wire is connected to a DIGITEX Signal Generator to pass a 33 or 8 kHz traceable signal either through the entire length of the rod or just the end. Use this in tracing non-metallic pipes, such as drains or sewers, plastic pipes, plastic ducting etc.

Lightweight and with an alkaline battery that provides over 40-hours of continuous use, the DIGITEX 8/33 is a dual frequency generator for maximum flexibility.