High-performance 3D Earth visualization to become the standard for ArcGIS family of products.

ESRI announced today plans to integrate GeoFusion Inc.'s GeoMatrix Toolkit technology into the ArcGIS family of geographic information system (GIS) software. GeoFusion's technology provides high-performance, high-quality, three-dimensional visualization of virtually unlimited amounts of imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation data from outer space to street level. Product integration will allow existing ArcGIS geodatabases to be mapped onto a digital earth and explored from a global perspective.

The GeoMatrix technology provides an increased sense of realism with digital earth data through features such as continuous level of detail while zooming, terrain morphing between resolution levels, and multiple globe layers for use with clouds, multiple planets, and so forth.

GeoFusion's GeoMatrix is a state-of-the-art system for maintaining digital earth databases and simulating views of the earth and/or other planets. The GeoMatrix Toolkit provides an application programming interface (API) to low-level and applications-support libraries, example applications, and documentation enabling software engineers to build high-performance interactive digital earth-based applications. Application programmers can add their own content, as well as look and feel, to GeoMatrix-based digital earth applications.