Now, easily convert TIGER files into ESRI Shapefiles and MapInfo MIF files.

Blue Marble Geographics has recently released version 6.0 of the TIGER to Shapefiles (TGR2SHP) and TIGER to MIF (TGR2MIF) translators which are part of their TIGER/Line 2000 Map Kit. Their TIGER/Line Map Kit is one of the most recent and thorough collections of U.S. map data in the marketplace.

TGR2SHP and TGR2MIF are Windows95/98/NT applications that allow you to batch process TIGER 97, 98 and 2000 files to ArcView shape files and MapInfo MIF/MID files effortlessly. A choice of either translator is available with the purchase of the TIGER/Line 2000 Map Kit.

Versions 6.0 of the TGR2SHP and TGR2MIF translators have many new features that make converting TIGER files a simple matter of point-and-click. Some major features include:

  • TIGER 97, 98, 99, 2000 support.
  • Improved polygon topology checking, which checks for non-closing polygons.
  • New output options, including merge on-the-fly of all shapes.
  • Support of 13 new data fields
  • Additional attribute files for Landmark Polygons with multiple names
  • Additional attribute files for basic census polygons that are part of more than one landmark.