Surveyors Module International (SMI) Launched Pocket SMI

Surveyors Module International (SMI), a division of Eagle Point, has announced the launch of the Pocket SMI, a complete line of field software designed for use on the Compaq iPAQ with Pocket PC.

Since some SMI users may still prefer the classic SMI HP48 style interface, the same screens, soft key menus, and even the same Version 7 overlay are all available.

Most of the SMI software provided in Pocket SMI has been in use for a long time in both the Titan and HP48 products. One of the new features of Pocket SMI is an optional Windows style menu system. The functions you need are arranged on buttons under the general headings of Job, Collect, Stake, Cogo, CVC, and GPS.

This iPAQ hand-held surveying unit employs advanced technology providing ease-of-use and first-class performance. Some of the many features are highlighted here:

  • Pocket SMI runs on the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system, which is used by many other hand-held devices, in addition to the iPAQ.
  • The iPAQ can update graphical stakeout data five times per second using a GPS receiver-a dramatic speed advantage over the HP48.
  • The multi-tasking features of the Pocket PC enable it to run several programs simultaneously.
  • The memory capacity of the iPAQ is fifteen times greater than that of the HP48.
  • The iPAQ is quickly becoming the prevailing technology among industry professionals. Many surveying software manufacturers are moving to the iPAQ.
  • Data is much more secure on the iPAQ compared to the HP48; the iPAQ possesses the stability of a program card, rather than that of a RAM card. Unlike the HP48 RAM cards, the iPAQ does not require power to maintain data.

While Pocket SMI will run on any Pocket PC device, SMI's iPAQ hard case is currently compatible only with iPAQ models 3100-3700. Visit to view an updated list of currently supported models.

With the addition of Pocket SMI, SMI field software is now available in three platforms: HP 48, iPAQ, and Titan. A review of each platform's unique features will help you decide which one best satisfies your professional needs. If you like the combination of low cost and hard key functions, the HP 48 is a good choice. If you need more speed and want color, a touch screen, and virtually unlimited memory, the iPAQ is the best choice. If you need a data collector that can withstand harsh physical environments, choose the Titan.

If you already have an iPAQ or other Pocket PC device, call SMI to receive a demonstration version. If you like it, we can help you convert it to a permanent installation.

To see a current list of supported models, see . If you have a Pocket PC that is not an iPAQ, please contact Eagle Point.