Includes street maps and places of interest for the entire U.S. plus address-to-address routing directly on Pocket PC and Palm OS* PDAs.

DeLorme, makers of Street Atlas USA, America's leading mapping software since 1991, announced XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA Edition, a complete mapping program for the entire U.S. that lets users bring detailed, up-to-date street-level maps and directions on either Pocket PC or Palm OS handhelds.

With most handheld mapping software, users need to plan routes on their desktop PC before they set out on their trip. XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA Edition's unique feature of creating and managing address-to-address routing directly on the PDA is easy, providing the added security of always having exactly the maps needed and allowing for last-minute changes on the road. The enclosed desktop CD, with maps of the entire U.S., lets users decide what kind of maps and how much coverage area they want to bring on the handheld. The software shows the amount of memory for each map prior to downloading. Users simply load as many maps as they want directly on the handheld or removable storage cards, and then quickly find directions and phone numbers to local restaurants, hotels, and much more.

XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA Edition provides detailed vector-based maps so users can search for their address book contacts, place names, streets, cities, or choose from categories including 4 million places of interest such as hotels, ATMs, restaurants, gas stations, attractions, and more, most with phone numbers. Enter start and finish points on the map and the software automatically calculates the quickest or shortest route and displays a detailed map or written directions.

Connect a DeLorme Earthmate, GARMIN, Magellan, or other NMEA-compatible GPS receiver and turn the handheld into a portable navigation device for tracking the user's exact location in real-time on street-level maps. An audible beep signals an upcoming turn, making this is the perfect alternative to pricey in-car navigation systems. It also enhances the multi-purpose PDA so it operates in a similar way to many single-purpose handheld GPS devices.

With XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA Edition users can:

  • Quickly view street-level maps for the entire U.S., from rural roads to detailed city streets
  • Create address-to-address routes directly on the handheld
  • Quickly locate on detailed maps address book contacts, plus 4 million places of interest with phone numbers including restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gas stations, attractions, and more
  • Zoom in multiple levels to get more map details
  • Connect to the DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver (available separately) and track in real time on street-level maps anywhere in the U.S.
  • Store the entire software program and maps on removable-media devices
  • Import addresses from a personal address book for display on the map
  • Select anything on the map and display the name, including points-of-interests, roads, etc.
  • Add waypoints to record personal places of interest, which then become part of the searchable map database

The application's unique features include a distance tool for point-to-point measuring, multiple zoom in/zoom out levels for viewing map details, easy-to-read street names, and a Sun/Moon view that provides specific information on the lunar and solar cycles at the current location and on the current date.

In addition, the new XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA Edition lets users bring topographic maps on most Pocket PC and Palm OS devices. Topo USA 4.0 (sold separately) provides detailed topographic maps of the entire U.S. and is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. GPS users are able to upload and download routes and waypoints, as well as view GPS logs directly on the handheld maps.