Submission of Abstracts and Travel Funding Applications Participation

The next International Cartographic Conference will be in Durban, South Africa, 10-16 August, 2003. People in the area of geographic information and display are invited to submit abstracts (300-500 words) to the Local Organizing Committee. Abstracts must be received by 31 October, 2002.

Any U.S. participant who wants to apply for funding for the conference from the U.S. National Committee (USNC) for ICA must send a copy of the abstract BOTH to the Durban Local Organizing Committee AND to the U.S. National Committee. E-mail, mail and fax are all acceptable.

Local Organizing Committee, ICC 2003
Attn: Prof. H. L. Zietsman
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
Matieland, 7602 South Africa
fax: +27 21 808-2405

Attn: Judy Olson
314 Nat Sci Bldg (Geography)
Michigan State University
E. Lansing, MI 48824
fax 517-432-1671

Students submitting abstracts and applying for funding are expected to submit an application to the ESRI/IGIF fund ( as well as to the USNC-ICA to maximize chances of an award, to maximize the amount of awards, and to spread USNC dollars that may be available. Funding by USNC is contingent upon the success of grant applications and fundraising efforts. USNC made travel awards to over 30 participants in the last ICC (Beijing 2001), with young scholars receiving higher numbers of awards and higher levels of funding. Awards ranged from $650-$1500 for Beijing. We anticipate higher high-end awards for Durban.

The full Call for Papers for ICC 2003 appears on the web page of the Local Organizing Committee ( A backup copy can be found at

We are especially concerned about reaching students, scholars with PhDs within the last 10 years, minorities, persons with disabilities and women.