Ashtech geodetic base station software allows near-real-time data collection.

Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including the Magellan and Ashtech product lines, announced that it has released version 3.2.00 of the Ashtech Geodetic Base Station Software (GBSS).

Originally developed for managing a continuously operating GPS reference station, the new release ensures significantly more flexible and productive base station administration.

The latest version of GBSS includes several new features designed to meet the demanding needs of base station operators. In response to customer demand, the new software supports the NGS CORS file-naming convention. It will also automatically create sessions shorter than one hour, and will use the 10-character RINEX 2.2 convention for naming these files. Users can maintain their standard file system for data collection, rather than investing in streaming data systems, and still realize the benefits of nearly continuous data collection.

Developed for high-accuracy land surveying, GIS, engineering and scientific applications, GBSS is compatible with all Ashtech receivers including the Ashtech Z-12, Micro Z-CGRS, Z-Xtreme, Z-Surveyor, Z-FX, G-12, SCA-XII, GG-24, and Z-18. The base station software operates in an efficient 32-bit multitasking and multi-threaded environment, logging GPS data to a co-located PC hard drive. Supported data types include compressed or uncompressed dual-frequency GPS data, compressed or uncompressed single-frequency GPS data, ionospheric/UTC files, raw data stream, diagnostic log files, and even files containing NMEA messages. GBSS enables creation of all these files simultaneously while connected to a single dual-frequency GPS receiver.

In addition, GBSS version 3.2.00 offers greater flexibility in sending data to groups of users by BBS, FTP or Web page. The base station software has been specifically designed to work in concert with the standard FTP and Web page utilities for the Windows NT Server.

GBSS version 3.2.00 is a free upgrade to all registered Ashtech GBSS users, available for download at