IcoMap for ArcGIS v3.0 is now available from UCLID Software. The latest release incorporates voice-recognition technology and software-based licensing for added user convenience. The IcoMap extension features a ten-key COGO package and unique Text-to-Vector technology for converting scanned documents into ESRI ArcGIS features. IcoMap users have reported amazing timesavings with an average 84% increase in productivity. Free trial software is available at UCLID's website.

Organizations that work with scanned documents find IcoMap for ArcGIS especially helpful. IcoMap quickly converts survey measurements on a scanned document into parcel layer geometry. IcoMap is popular with fast-growing counties who need an easy way to stay on top of parcel edits.

The IcoMap for ArcGIS product is an extension for ArcMap so users of ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo are able to use it. IcoMap has received numerous awards, and even claimed the 2001 National New Product Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Source: UCLID, June 21, 2004