GlobeXplorer announced the posting of i-cubed's high-quality imagery and topographic data as a key component of its Internet services.

The new data includes i-cubed's specially enhanced and regularly updated eDOQQ USA aerial imagery set, the eTopo USA collection of shaded topo data, and the eSAT15 USA seamless 15-meter satellite imagery; all three covering virtually the entire continental United States. These products are immediately available to users of GlobeXplorer's Web extensions for ESRI, MapInfo and Autodesk, and also to customers in real estate, insurance, outdoor recreation, and many other sectors via GlobeXplorer's highly visible Web imagery services.

In developing its one-meter eDOQQ's USA aerial photo product, i-cubed has utilized a proprietary algorithm that creates improved contrast with minimal loss of visual content unavailable in the standard DOQQ imagery. This collection is being constantly updated.

The eSAT15 USA dataset includes seamless satellite coverage of the United States at 15-meter resolution. It was created from cloud-free Landsat 7 scenes. In contrast to similar products on the market, i-cubed has chosen to continuously update eSAT15 USA, particularly in urban areas, to keep the data as current as possible when monitoring urban growth.

i-cubed's eTOPO product is derived from various federal agencies' topographic maps. Three scales of eTOPO USA are available through GlobeXplorer; 1:24,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000. All feature terrain shading for better 3-D visualization in consumer and outdoor recreation uses.

Source: GlobeXplorer, June 25, 2004