Along with the basemap, ProMark2 now includes 50 control points, as opposed to the previous 16.

Thales Navigation announced an enhancement to its single-frequency survey system, ProMark2. Now ProMark2 customers can get MapSend Worldwide Basemap for convenient navigation virtually anywhere in the world. Surveyors can easily extend their ProMark2 basemap coverage to any region around the globe by adding a MapSend WorldWide Basemap.

Additionally, ProMark2 now includes 50 control points, as opposed to the previous 16. Surveyors in the field know what a difference those control points make when re-initialization is necessary. Instead of spending critical time walking back to the last distant control point, surveyors can set up control points much closer together and spend more time surveying and less time walking between control points.

Ashtech Solutions, sold in conjunction with ProMark2, now also let customers change the pre-defined coordinate system parameters quickly and easily, and by themselves. No need to wait for software upgrades or technical support--the parameters are fully editable so surveyors can be in control and save time. To change the parameters, surveyors only need to highlight the pre-defined parameter and edit it in the software.

MapSend Worldwide Basemap software enables surveyors to create a basemap for any region of the world and upload it to their ProMark2 receiver. Adding Worldwide basemaps to the ProMark2 does not erase the built-in basemap--it enables surveyors to have map coverage for areas not covered by the built-in map. New basemaps can be loaded and saved via a PC to GPS cable from a PC to the ProMark2.

Each basemap region, defined by the customer, contains the essential basic map features such as cities, highways, waterways, railroads, national boundaries and shorelines. Worldwide Basemap also includes basic topography contours, which can help surveyors stay oriented in their environment and find points-of-interest. In addition to the visual map presentation, the map features can be located using tabular search functions--on the GPS as well as in the PC application.

With kinematic data collection 100 times faster than static GPS systems, one-person operation and no line-of-sight requirement between points, ProMark2 can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of any survey project.

These enhancements for ProMark2 are available through a free firmware download to existing ProMark2 customers from New customers will automatically receive all of these key benefits upon purchase of a new ProMark2 survey system.

Source: Thales, June 11, 2004