New professional system for managing and tracking survey points and survey monuments.

PROptions, a professional software development and consulting firm, released SurveyTrak. SurveyTrak is a complete, user-friendly and professional system for managing and tracking survey points and survey monuments. It is flexible and designed for use by government surveying organizations and private surveying firms.

SurveyTrak will provide the capability to process and maintain active and historical (superseded) survey control and monumentation data related to survey control points. It provides users and management with mission critical information that is accurate, accessible and current. It also decreases data entry and search time while increasing data accuracy and integrity by providing logical and user-friendly interfaces and reporting capabilities. SurveyTrak is GIS- compatible.

System highlights include comprehensive survey control for horizontal, vertical, ellipsoidal, geoid, mean lower low water (MLLW) and superceded control; detailed history tracking; 14 powerful search methods; seven listings and one detailed report; and has user-defined lookup tables and flexible system defaults. SurveyTrak is available in four versions: A stand-alone desktop version; a multi-user client/server enterprise version; a downloadable trial version; and a new Reader version that comes with the enterprise version. Organizations can freely distribute the Reader Version to its clients so they may be able to have read-only, searchable and reportable access to the data. Additionally, there are two special versions and pricing for counties and cities. Currently, the enterprise version is available for MS SQL Server database engines. Versions for Oracle, DB2, and Sybase SQL Server will be available soon. System support is provided by the developers of the system, not untrained help desk personnel following checklists.

SurveyTrak provides management and users the storage, retrieval, tracking, and management of data associated with Survey Control Monumentation. It is an efficient tool that provides accurate and up-to-date data for reference, catalog, research, inventory and management purposes.