Eigner PLM to include Spicer ViewCaf¿s embedded document viewing, markup, and collaborative review tool in effort to create superior PLM solutions.

Eigner, a leading developer of precision product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, and Spicer Corporation, a worldwide supplier of powerful and easy-to-use document viewing software, today announced an extension of their eight-year partnership with an OEM agreement that makes Spicer ViewCaf¿n embedded viewing, markup, and collaborative review tool for Eigner PLM.

"As product complexity continues to increase so does the need to securely manage, distribute, and collaborate on a significant number of document formats -- such as CAD, raster, and text -- that are used to describe and communicate product intent. Furthermore, providing access to this rich product information to anyone in the extended enterprise with which to communicate and manage product changes becomes more critical as products are developed across globally distributed teams and with suppliers, partners and customers," said Frank Azzolino, president and CEO of Eigner. "Eigner's PLM Solutions, including secure product data management, requirements management and change management capabilities, combined with Spicer's superior enterprise-wide visualization capabilities -- with broad support for multiple graphics and document formats, integrated markup, and printing -- delivers an easy-to-use solution for manufacturers to address their enterprise-wide visualization needs."

"We are extremely pleased and proud to be working closely with Eigner as a provider of a tightly integrated viewing solution for Eigner PLM," said Steve Spicer, President and CEO of Spicer Corporation. "ViewCaf¿ives Eigner PLM users the optimum combination of progressive Web technologies, performance, and ease-of-use for accelerating product development, maximizing productivity, and sharing mission-critical data with colleagues and business partners. By understanding the business process needs of our customers, we have carefully directed ViewCaf¿ evolution to provide complementary tools for highly focused product lifecycle management solutions such as Eigner PLM."

Built on single data model, Eigner's PLM solutions enable manufacturers to manage complex product engineering activities across organizations, suppliers, and customers. Organizations can manage highly sophisticated product content including customer requirements, items, bills-of-material (BOMs), CAD formats, supporting documentation and service histories. With Eigner's business process modeling capabilities, manufacturers can eliminate manual, disjointed, non-value-added tasks by automating critical processes - such as design project management, BOM synchronization, product change management, and advanced configuration management -- using common, industry-accepted practices. Eigner minimizes the need to recreate key technical product information for use by suppliers, customers, marketing sales, and service.

Spicer ViewCaf¿nhances Eigner PLM solutions with robust Java-powered thin client document viewing, markup and collaborative review capabilities for over 200 formats such as 2D/3D CAD, vector, raster, hybrid, and office formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF. With ViewCaf¿ intuitive user interface, both technical and non-technical Eigner PLM users can easily access, view, and review documents from the Eigner PLM file repository with co-workers and globally distributed design teams. Fully scalable, with 100% pure Java architecture, ViewCaf¿s fully platform independent and offers additional benefits such as full resolution printing, ISO-compliant print banners, and client-side caching of the Java applet.