Mead Westvaco will use FTG's products and services in its wood supply and forest management operations.

MeadWestvaco has selected Forest Technology Group as the supplier of forest information services for its 3.5 million acres of forestland in the United States. The services include forest inventory and geographic information systems along with other forestry planning and decision support.

Forest Technology Group delivers both PC-based and Web-based geographic information systems, including training and support, for forestry and natural resource managers. These systems are designed with easy-to-use interfaces, making them highly accessible and useful, even to those with limited technical skills. The company provides a broad spectrum of consulting services to complement its information systems.

MeadWestvaco, formed by the merger of Mead Corporation and Westvaco Corporation, will use Forest Technology Group's products and services for assessment and planning in its wood supply and forest management operations. Prior to the merger, Westvaco relied on Forest Technology Group for similar services on its 1.3 million acres of forestland.

In the coming months, data from the former Mead and Westvaco forests will be integrated into a single format, usable with a common information system throughout the company. Foresters and other managers will be able to easily access and overlay forest data, maps and aerial photographs using Forest Technology Group's Web-based geographic information system - WebFRIS. This system will enable managers to view their data and perform timely and consistent analyses over all or parts of the forestland base.