CARIS is hosting a daylong workshop dedicated to Municipalities, Emergency Measure Organizations and Regional Planning Districts during CARIS 2002.

The event will introduce the latest internet-enabled spatial technologies and methodologies reshaping the daily operations of these organizations.

CARIS 2002, the Seventh Annual CARIS Users' Conference will take place September 3-6, 2002 at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A. The Workshop will be conducted on September 4 to reveal just how CARIS is Revolutionizing Geomatics for Local Government and Regional Authorities.

The workshop will present and organization and services approach to implementing technology and teach how Internet technology can move a Government or Authority towards the development of more cost-effective, flexible and useful systems.

Topics to be addressed include: Project management practices for Internet solutions; Data capture using GPS, orthomapping and scanning technologies; Administering data services; Applying wireless technologies; Publishing data and services on the Internet using Spatial Fusion.

Overall, participants will learn how to consolidate various data sources and how to improve business processes. The workshop will demonstrate how Internet technologies are innovating local government providing improved services, increased revenues, and reduced costs.

The early bird registration fee of $250 USD includes the workshop and materials, full conference registration, and access to exhibition. To learn more about the CARIS 2002 please visit or e-mail your inquiry to