Custom GIS software development is the focus of Blue Marble GIS Development.

Blue Marble Geographics ( has been writing GIS software programs and applications for over 10 years. Their technology is embedded though-out hundreds of GIS applications being used in the military, oil exploration, civil engineering, surveying, technology and corporate GIS systems.

The new software development division (Blue Marble GIS Development) will create custom GIS applications in the areas of image georeferencing, image reprojections, coordinate conversion, vertical transformations, image and map file display and GPS data integrations.

Blue Marble GIS Development will also begin to develop custom plug-ins to modify any of their existing applications to suit a customer's specific requirements - custom coordinate systems, datums, reprojections, etc. With the launch of their custom GIS software development services, Blue Marble Geographics gives customers the advantage of utilizing highly experienced GIS development professionals and proven technologies to build high quality, efficient solutions. This enables many customers without in-house development services the opportunity to enhance their applications and create new tools to satisfy their GIS requirements.