Gives photographers convenience, flexibility by offering faster speed and wider contrast range.

Eastman Kodak Company’s Aerial and Industrial Materials group has introduced a new black-and-white film that greatly benefits aerial photographers by allowing them to capture low-, medium-, and high-altitude mapping with a single film.

According to William P. Quinn, General Manager of Kodak’s Aerial and Industrial Materials group, and Vice President, Commercial & Government Systems, the new Kodak Aerographic MX Film 2407 “directly responds to our customers’ needs by improving and simplifying the high-altitude mapping process. Flyers can now choose one film to give them high-resolution images at all altitudes.”

Quinn noted that the new film also is two-thirds of a stop faster than its predecessor, Kodak Aero LX Film 2408, which allows photographers to extend the flying day and the flying season, and its lower D-min provides faster printing and scanning. The film’s fine grain provides detailed images that make it easier for flyers’ customers to interpret and extract information needed to make better decisions.

Kodak customers who have tried the new film, which is now available, have given it excellent reviews. “Aerographic MX Film 2407 gives us finer grain and higher resolution than the previous films we have used,” said Art Van Holt, lab manager, Aerial Data Service. “We ran the Kodak film through our entire system and we were very pleased with the performance.” Quinn added that the new film is a good example of Kodak’s expertise in infoimaging, which enhances the ability of customers to turn images into information in order to meet specific needs.