Information forPOB's special focus on communications equipment has been provided by the respective manufacturers of the products. For more specifications, visit the websites listed under each entry.

CSI Wireless Inc.

The PowerMAX receiver provides a high level of performance, delivering submeter positioning using either its built-in SBAS demodulator, built-in DGPS beacon module or external corrections, at up to 5 Hz output. The PowerMAX features wireless Bluetooth communications as well as a full duplex serial port. It also features raw measurement output for post-processing applications, and delivers excellent phase measurement quality. This product is compatible with the CSI Wireless optional e-Dif autonomous differential technology. It also features COAST technology, which uses old differential corrections for up to 40 minutes or more, without significant performance loss.

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Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems offers numerous wireless devices for surveying, construction, reference station networks, machine automation, etc. The current offering includes: spread spectrum and UHF/VHF radio modems, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, CDPD cellular modems and Bluetooth for ensuring the best wireless communication solution. The recently introduced System 1200 (GPS & TPS)-the world's first "single surveying system"-has been designed to work with all of the above wireless devices. Additionally, its design enables quick adaptation to future enhancements in wireless technology. Leica Geosystems' choice of supported devices allows users to choose the right wireless solution for the right environment, so that productivity is never compromised.

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NavCom Technology

Safari Network is a multi-port broadband wireless wide-area network designed specifically for mobile applications covering greater than 15 miles radius. The system offers a broad range of mobile communication services, such as roaming, broadcast, point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint and WLAN for simultaneous voice, data, video and Ethernet applications. Safari's flexible network management system allows for single-point configuration of the entire network. The ruggedized housing accommodates the integration of single/dual-frequency GPS engines, including NavCom's NCT-2000D for applications such as machine control, farming and fleet management. Safari's networking ability allows for continuous monitoring and control of vehicles from one central location or over the Internet.

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Pacific Crest Corporation

Pacific Crest Corporation's Positioning Data Link for Robotic Total Stations (PDLRTS) is the perfect complement for most RTS systems. Its unique design puts everything "on the pole," reducing the hassle of hauling equipment to the field. The PDLRTS system is compatible with most RTS systems and includes a 3 Ahr Li-ion battery and antenna in a unique "pole" form factor. The light Li-ion battery offers all-day operation of the radio modem. The antenna/pole features a NMO connector and a 5/8-11" thread on top that accommodates most 360° prisms.

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In GPS systems the base station sends position corrections data to the rover. Lightweight SATELLINE radio modems are an excellent choice for datalink between the base and the rover. The rover is normally a few kilometers from the base, but the distance can be up to tens of kilometers when using SATELLINE radio modems. Sometimes there are other systems in the same frequency near the surveying area. This can cause problems to the data connection; therefore SATEL has developed a free channel scanning feature for the modems. Satel offers a wireless solution for every application, everywhere you want! Reader Service Number 504


SOKKIA's GSR2650 LB is a survey-grade, L-Band GPS receiver for GIS and RTK applications. When utilized with OmniSTAR HP corrections, it is capable of delivering decimeter-level DGPS positioning without a base station. The autonomous stand-alone positioning feature saves users time and money. And user upgrades are available for full RTK functionality, allowing users to transition from decimeter-level to millimeter-level surveying without switching equipment. The highly accurate receiver is part of the complete GSR2650 LB system, which includes the SK-600 LB L1/L2 GPS antenna, data collector and SOKKIA's IMap or SDR Level 5 (Windows CE) data collection software.

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Thales Navigation

The Z-Max GPS surveying system from Thales Navigation features a unique combination of wireless communication devices. The modular design of Z-Max enables a completely wireless RTK rover using Bluetooth, GSM and UHF technology. Thales Navigation-developed UHF radio technology means optimum tuning for the Z-Max receiver and, therefore, excellent performance and long-range capability even with low power outputs. The new Vortex UHF antenna eliminates conventional radio antennas and cables. The combination of UHF and GSM in one single communication module lets surveyors achieve long ranges quickly and cost effectively. It also provides maximum flexibility for all environmental conditions. Z-Max's long range RTK is enhanced by ADAPT-RTK technology, which provides fast initialization and centimeter-level accuracy up to 50 km.

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Topcon offers a revolutionary wireless GPS+ system, the HiPer Lite+. The popular HiPer Lite+ system is a completely cable-free base and rover RTK GPS system that incorporates wireless Bluetooth communication technology between the graphical controller and both base and rover receivers. The incorporation of wireless technology means no more cables to break, a nagging problem for land surveyors. The HiPer Lite+ system requires less equipment to carry into the field and fewer components to forget back at the office.

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Wireless innovation in the Trimble R8 GPS system offers not only cable-free GPS surveying, but also cell phone technology options to make your work easier and more productive. Trimble R8 support for GPRS cell phone networks provides cost-effective wireless data access. Receive RTK GPS corrections from your base station or a GPS infrastructure network through a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone! On the Trimble Survey Controller field software, download files from the Internet, or send and receive them via E-mail. With a Trimble cell phone solution, the jobsite is your office, and the future of surveying is today.

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