Trimble Introduced the GeoExplorer CE series

Trimbleintroduced the GeoExplorer CE series, the world’s first Windows CE device with integrated GPS. TheGeoXMprovides 2-5 meter accuracy and integrates reliable, real-time corrected GPS into a mobile GIS handheld so users can relocate assets with confidence and fulfill work orders more efficiently. TheGeoXT offers all of the features of the GeoXM, plus a submeter receiver and Trimble’s unique EVERESTmultipath rejection technology. This model is ideal for working in difficult environments such as under canopy, in urban canyons or anywhere high-accuracy data collection and maintenance is required. Both models have the processing power and storage capacity to display GIS maps and background graphics files with ease; the large memory means even large graphic files load quickly. Because of the screen’s high resolution and full color outdoor display, background GIS data and imagery are always clearly displayed. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)