The Merrimack County Registry of Deeds, Concord, N.H., has updated and upgraded its computerized land records by installing the LANDSCAN document management and recordation system. Nearly one million index records and 950,000 images were converted during the upgrade.

"The process has been invaluable, because we did a complete update on our records going back to 1920," said Merrimack County Register Kathi L. Guay, CPO. "We can now ensure greater accuracy of our property information. We are also saving money for the taxpayers of Merrimack County, not just on the monthly lease payment for the system, but also in being able to handle half again as much work with our current personnel."

Merrimack County is the third largest county in New Hampshire. Concord is the county seat, as well as the state capital.

Guay said she had looked at different systems for nearly five years before deciding on the Landata product. "The proprietary system we had was cumbersome -- it took us a long time to process a day's work and it was a multi-step repetitive process with many formats," said Guay. "LANDSCAN is a very good system, and Landata has been really good to work with. They designed modifications just for us, and have worked with us to finalize the system in these months following the original 'live' date of March 22.

"It has really helped us to streamline our operation and eliminate a lot of repetitive entries of the same information that is now keyed once and is proliferated through the system and our process, eliminating the possibility of transposing numbers and entering incorrect information," said Guay.

Guay and Landata held nearly 20 public training sessions focused on the abstractors, attorneys and title companies who search the public records daily. "We have no doubt that everyone will be very happy with the system once they have gotten accustomed to it," said Guay. "Not only is the recordation of deeds more efficient and timely, we are able to provide much better options through the use of the LANDSCAN program for access, viewing and printing of records."

"In the weeks following the installation, the Landata Technologies Software Development team provided customization to improve the office work flow, as requested by Kathi Guay and her staff," said Steve Sexauer, region IT manager and director of Internet Services, Landata. "As a result, the additional functionality speeds document processing, enabling her staff to complete a day's filing that same day.

"We are proud to provide state-of-the-art solutions for Ms. Guay and the citizens of Merrimack County," added Sexauer.

The new Web address for the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds is /. Landata will also provide a data warehousing solution that includes support for disaster recovery, business continuity and access to document images and index data over the Internet. The custom-designed Web site also has an e-commerce option that will allow the Registry to accumulate revenue from the sale of those document images.